5 ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking after Reaching the Top

maintain seo ranking

You've worked so hard to reach at the top spot on Google. Now, you are at the top. Feels nice. Right?

But what happens after you’ve earned a top spot in Google search results pages?

Will you remain at the top spot for your target keyword forever?


Search engine traffic is quite stable. If you don’t do anything suspicious or anything fishy on your website, Google won’t bring your ranking down. But, SEO is an ongoing process. You have to keep track on your competition to ensure that the information on your pages is not outdated. If you leave your high-ranking webpage on its own, you’re essentially providing the wrong signal to your audience and Google. You have to take special care of those top ranked webpages else, your hard work is of waste.

So, what are the strategies you should follow to ensure that your website rankings stay safe?

We’ve broken down the ways to maintain your SEO Ranking in this article. These strategies will also help safeguard you from any potential algorithm updates.

1. Update your Website:

Google loves both Content Quality and Content freshness. Google loves to serve relevant, high-quality and updated content to its users.

If you want to maintain your keywords, you should update your content by adding video and images to your articles. This will maintain your position and also enhance the reader’s experience.

2. Speed up your Website:

Site speed has been a ranking factor for a long time in Googlesearch, yet many websites don’t load very fast — especially on mobile devices, where amajority of the searches takes place.

Keep in mind that there are millions of blogs posted each day, so if your website isn’t loading fast enough; your visitors will look for an alternative solution.

Google suggest webmasters to get their webpage load time down to less than one second for mobile devices, which is very fast. However, if you can’t get it that low, consider that every second you shave off your page load time reduces page abandonment.

Here are the 3 Easy ways to improve the speed of your website:

  • Switch to faster & more reliable hosting service.
  • Enable compression on all images on your website.
  • Use content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase download speeds.

If you are still having issues with your website loading speed, then you can try “Google Page Speed Insights” tool, this tool will help you to analyze the issues slowing down your load time and suggest some ways to fix them.

3. Expand your Link Building:

If you have ranked for a particular keyword, then there is no need to build excessive backlinks to your webpage. Google can detect if a website is gaining links unreasonably. Building links too quickly can be perceived as a red flag and can get your website banned.

Also, focus on quality links rather than quantity of the links.

If you want to maintain your keyword rank, then you should expand your inbound links to all the various pages on your website. From Google’s perspective, this strategy will diversify your backlink profile & increase your overall website authority.

4. Outbound and Internal Links:

Sending outbound links to authority brands in your niche helps Google to determine the relevancy of your website. Link to the relevant & valuable links. But, don’t overdo it.

In terms of internal linking, link to the related articles of your own website. It helps in maintaining your Keyword Ranking, and also help search engine to better understand the importance and topical focus of each page of your website. Also, it keeps users on the website for a longer period of time.

5. Build Social Media Presence:

Getting links from Social Media Networks help Google to determine the relevancy of your website. The more people like & share your content, the more visibility you’ll get from these Social Media Channels.

Here are the Quick tips to increase your blog’s visibility on Social Media:

  • Add Social Media sharing buttons to the sidebar of your blog or after your content.
  • Use explicit Call to Action in your Content. For e.g. “ If you liked this article, be sure to share it with your friends by clicking this button”
  • Offer something to users in exchange for a Social Media share.

Well, that’s it. Implementing the above five strategies will help you to maintain your authority long after you’ve ranked for a particular keyword.


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