6 Common Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Brand Image

common social media mistakes

Everything has its own pros and cons in this world. No matter how good are the qualities, if you won’t use something properly, it has the ability to get ruined. And Social Media Mistakes are no exception.

Social Media has a great potential for businesses to increase their sales, expand their reach and boost website traffic. Famous sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ engage millions of users every day. But still, majority of organizations don’t act well on these sites. Though social media has so much to offer to its users, one should act accordingly to make the most out of it. It takes infinite amount of time to make a brand image and reputation but only seconds to get ruined. Knowing the common social media mistakes can help you build long lasting relationship with your potential customers and general audience. In this article, we will point out some common social media mistakes that businesses make, and how you can avoid them.


  1. Excessive posting: Posting excessively is one of the common social media mistake businesses make. Excessive posting means presenting your audience with more information than they actually want, which may in turn cause them to feel annoyed or overwhelmed. No matter how interesting your content is, you should keep a proper time difference between your posts so that your audience doesn’t lose their interest in you. Also, you need to provide your audience with a variety of fresh content along with consistency in order to keep them stick around you.



  1. Ignoring negative feedbacks: Negative feedbacks are an opportunity to know about your flaws and one should never ignore them. It tells where you can improve your services and get better. It is one of the most common social media mistakes that people tend to ignore the negative comments by not responding to it properly or deleting them. You need to take the negative responses about your brand seriously if you really want growth and success in every stage of your business. Some general rules to respond a negative comment:

                             · Be patient and understanding

                             · Always try to respond on time

                             · Acknowledge if there’s any mistake

                             · Offer a solution privately


  1. Posting identical content: Content is crucial when it comes to social media marketing. People on social media tend to indulge more with the information which is unique as well as valuable for them. One of the social media mistake is that, if you’re posting same type of content time and time again, then they’ll be left with no reason to stick to your page, and that’s because of loss in their interest. Thus, creating fresh and productive content that your target audience finds interesting, should be your top priority.


  1. Propagating misinformation: Though you will never want to promote any kind of wrong information to your customers deliberately, you might post something mistakenly that contains false or misinformation. People are generally suspicious about the brands, and promoting any kind of misinformation might turn out to be a failure. You must make sure that you have double checked the information before posting and whether it is from a trusted source or not. If you think you have made any mistake, acknowledge it and try to make it right to the followers you might have offended with a sincere apology.


  1. Spamming your followers: One of the worst social media mistakes a business can make is spamming their network or customers. You should never send messages or post content that might cause your followers to get annoyed. Doing this type of activity certain times will force them to un-follow your brand permanently. Some examples of this type of behavior are – direct advertising in messages, sending too many messages in a day, sending same messages over and over again, etc. Before posting any message or content on social media, ask yourself whether you would want this information as an individual user or not.


  1. No sign of activity: Low or nil activity can also result in loss. You need to engage with people in order to make them talk about your brand. Just starting a Facebook page and posting a few articles will not going to work. Because, if there will be no further inputs, your followers will lose interest in you. These days, if you’re not utilizing the power of social media, you can’t be considered a successful marketer. Things you can do to attract customers:

                             · Using popular hashtags with your post

                             · Joining Instagram conversations

                             · Making promotional videos

                             · Improve your marketing with insights


In sum, success in social media is not an easy task and needs a lot of time and dedication. Social Media Mistakes do happen, but if you are dedicated enough, it is not difficult to avoid them. By avoiding such type of mistakes, you can help your brand in building relationships, engaging customers and marketing your services in a good way. Effective use of social media will help your brand grow, while poor usage will downgrade your brand image.