Reasons to prefer a Professional Company over Freelancers to get your Website built

prefer professional company over freelancers


Web sites are the backbone of any modern-day business. But there is often a dilemma for businesses whether they should choose a professional web design company or a freelancer.

Choosing one over another has its pros and cons as well. Freelancer often provides a cheaper and a speedy solution but at the same time they end up lacking in the quality. Professional web development companies on the other have set parameters about quality and can provide a quality product, customized according to clients needs.

So then the question raises that, is this so simple? Is it just about money and quality or is it much more complex than this. Through this article we’ll try to answer these question how getting a website from a professional web development company would be beneficial to you in the longer run.


  • Effect of a well-rounded team versus a lone brain: Web Design Companies have experienced professionals with expertise in multiple areas and not just restricted to design and development. Having a team ensures that there are more people committed to the issue, and which would end up generating more ideas.  Thus this collaboration between them would result in a product with a superior quality and much better functionality.
  • The amount of resource plays a vital role in finished product: A web design company uses premium tools and has more resources in order to build a better-rounded project, with access to premium tools and images. These tools ensure that they are much more efficient and there is originality in terms of the digital media used.


  • Vast gap in knowledge of an organization and a freelancer: Freelancers have limited expertise and they often lack in skills like copywriting and SEO. So it is difficult for them to offer a complete solution for online presence.
    A web design company has multiple professionals who have different types of expertise and can help you with giving the complete solution to get your website out and increase its reach to a wider set of audience. They can offer services like SEO (Search engine optimization), content writing and also can help your brand get a good presence in social media.
  • Better customer support is vital to any business: A major problem that rises with most freelancers is that they lack the professionalism to tackle the needs of a customer. They might be good at building websites but when it comes to customer support they don’t know how to handle clients. This might cause in chaos as the client might not know the status of the project and the deadlines might be often missed.
  • What happens when you get issues with your website?: Web development companies offer maintenance support for at least a year for their customers.  And during this time they offer some basic changes required for the website but freelancers might just stick till the point they completed their project and get paid.


Ultimately, the decision to choose a freelancer or a company is with the client. It’s up to them whether they want to minimize their cost or want a complete package along with a quality product that will help them for long-run.